ClimACTivism Festival

Finally, we want to invite you to the first ClimACTivism Festival in Vienna!
A Theater of the Oppressed (TO) festival full of performances, workshops, self-care and the celebration of what we have achieved as “Resilient Revolt” collective in the fight against climate change.

Foto (c) Philipp Kiefer


Foto (c) Erik Školiber
Where? Tüwi, Peter-Jordan-Straße 76, 1190 Vienna
When? From the 3rd-5th December 2021
For registration, please follow this link 
Costs? Based on the solidarity principle
The festival is based on the solidarity principle. The costs for participating at the workshops will be 60-70€ including 2x lunch and 2x dinner at Tüwi. However, we want to enable everyone to join the festival, so everybody should pay as much as they can afford. Furthermore, let us know if you need help finding an accommodation, we will look for a place to host you!
Workshop program
Friday, 3rd of December 19:00 - 20:30

Opening Gala & Buffet

Location:  Tüwi, Peter-Jordan-Straße 76, 1190 Vienna

Saturday, 4th of December 10:00 -13:00

Workshop 1: Drama in education

Part 1: “Pablo”-  Drama

Workshop facilitators: Tobias & Heini

The first part of this workshop will focus on a dramatic theatre piece “Pablo”. The story unfolds in the rainforest where a young boy named Pablo is living. Soon he is forced to leave due to deforestation and is facing a life away from home…. Participants are invited to experience and understand the relation between climate change and our daily diet through drama in education methods.

Location:  Tüwi, Peter-Jordan-Straße 76, 1190 Vienna

Workshop 2: Theater of the Oppressed  – How to Forum?

Workship Facilitators: Dunia

Have you ever heard of Theater of the Oppressed (TO)? No? Then this workshop will open up a whole new world to you. There you will have a chance to learn about TO in theory and practice. It will enable you to use TO methods in your activism and create awareness around it.

Location: WUK, Waehringer Strasse 59 (Room Flieger), 1090 Vienna


Lunch Break 13:00-00-15:00

Location:  Tüwi, Peter-Jordan-Straße 76, 1190 Vienna

Saturday, 4th of December 15:00 -18:00

Workshop 1 :Drama in education

Part 2: Learning drama in education

In the second part participants will discuss and reflect on the exercises they have done before. They can learn new drama in education methods and how to implement them in climate justice theater. Drama in education aims at supporting cognitive, social, and affective learning and self-learning.

Location:  Tüwi, Peter-Jordan-Straße 76, 1190 Vienna

Workshop 3: Embodied Oppression

Workshop facilitators: Katie & Lukas

Long before social injustice becomes obvious and explicit, our bodies experience it, internalize it, and embody it as non-verbal patterns.In order to not unintentionally and unconsciously reproduce oppression we must, therefore, begin to interrogate the ways in which oppressive systems reproduce through my movement, my posture, my gesture, my use of space and the way I relate to other people. Dive into an in-depth exploration about your personal story of oppression and learn how to make it visible on stage.

Location: WUK, Waehringer Strasse 59 (Room Flieger), 1090 Vienna


Dinner 18:00-00-19:00

Location:  Tüwi, Peter-Jordan-Straße 76, 1190 Vienna

Sunday, 5th of December 11:00 -13:00

Workshop 4: Clowning

 Workshop facilitators: Veronika

Clowning is not only a popular tool for circus, but also for theater. A clown is a unique character who performs comedy in a state of open-mindedness. How is this relatable to climate justice? Find out at the festival! Veronika Vitovec will take us into a journey through modern clowning on the subject of climate justice.

Location:  Tüwi, Peter-Jordan-Straße 76, 1190 Vienna


Workshop 5: Body – Dance – Theater

Workshop facilitators: Melena

Even without words, our bodies express everything! In this workshop Melina Marcher will show us how we use our bodies in dance theater and even transport messages through our movements and gestures. With this powerful method we can learn to let our bodies speak out for ourselves.

Location: WUK, Waehringer Strasse 59 (Room Flieger), 1090 Vienna


Lunch Break 13:00-00-15:00

Location:  Tüwi, Peter-Jordan-Straße 76, 1190 Vienna

The climate crisis is a symptom of a much wider system crisis – from overexploitation of natural resources to inequalities between the global north and south. We want to bring together different people, skills, and stories to work towards a sustainable system change through theater!
You will be able to participate in workshops and learn to express your activism in a theatrical way. No experiences with Theatre of the Oppressed are required. The workshop descriptions and timetables will be provided soon. Pre-registration is mandatory for the workshops. The performances and the celebration are open for EVERYONE.
We highly value a respectful treatment among the participants of the festival. Let´s keep the festival a safe space for EVERYBODY!
Join us at our 3-day long festival and let ‘s explore ClimACTivism together!


Would you like to be part of the festival organisation?

We are looking for volunteers who will be willing to support us with small technical and programmatic tasks for the duration of the festival. 

What will you receive in return for your support:
-Lunch and dinner at the dates of the festival;
-Access to all workshops and theatre performances;
-Opportunity to connect and network in the field of the theatre of the oppressed practitioners who strike to advocate for climate inequality and injustice.

If you are interested please complete this short sign-up form by the 25th of November and we will contact you with the further details.

Festival Artwork by Erica Ras
COVID 19 strategy
*Due to COVID measures, we will have to ask you for an EU COVID Certificate (for vaccinated or recovered =2 G). As the rules are changing fast, we might have to adapt our COVID strategy. Stay updated through our website or social media channels!
This festival is sponsored by Südwind, Bezirkskulturförderung 9th district, Alsergrund; Bezirkskulturförderung 19th district, Döbling