This article was posted in the Boerengroep Magazine to promote Resilient Revolt.

50 years of existence as an organisation dedicated to sustainable agriculture. Wow! As an international network of theatre groups dedicated to Climate Justice we want to congratulate you from Boerengroep for such a longstanding political commitment, also in the form of activist theatre (Inspringteater)!

Looking forward to the coming years, climate justice as a contemporary struggle towards a more just and sustainable world gains importance. Sustainable agriculture in the Global North and Global South is a major part of this struggle in the form of food sovereignity. So these congratulations take the form of an invitation: Join our network of theatre groups working towards a climate just world and use theatre around this issue locally and internationally, on the streets, in theatres, in and as political actions, and in unexpected places! We are part of the global social movements for climate justice and at the same time assist them with our skills.

At the moment our partnership consists of theatre groups from Germany, Austria and Slovenia and individual theatre practitioners from other countries, such as the UK or Romania. We work together in a longterm European strategic partnership to develop theatre methods with a starting point in Theatre of the Oppressed that suit the goal. There will be follow-up projects with the possibility to join from the Netherlands. Also, we will host our first international festival in Vienna from September 24 to 26th 2021 to enlargen our network and celebrate existing groups and performances!

Resilient Revolt has the following goals that are also in line with making struggles towards more sustainability meet its own political values and making them fit for sustainability challenges of the present: We aim to embody horizontality and try to facilitate all our processes in this way. Multiplication is a form of nurturing and growing our movement and we permanently invite new groups and build new ones. Our activism aims to be resilient, we believe any activism for a more sustainable world needs to be sustainable and playful and not lead to burn out. Last but not least, our activism aims to be as inclusive as possible: To fight for climate justice means to take structural oppression such as capitalism, heteropatriarchy and colonialism/racism into account and only an intersectional activism that also is feminist and decolonial can really achieve a climate just world.

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If you are interested in founding your own group, joining the network with an existing one, or in hosting workshops with us, or if you would like to join the festival with a performance contact Joschka at