In cooperation with Wiener LichtBlicke, a festival light installations centered around democracy and public space (, the Resilient Revolt group will perform parts of its Forum Theatre piece on state violence.

The State and its organs are key contributors to the perpetuation of violence and repression against marginalised people. Recent events have underscored the deep-rooted oppression embedded within these institutions creating barriers that hinder the pursuit of justice, equality, and basic human rights. This forum play confronts these realities, inviting you to engage with the stories of those affected by state violence. Through a series of thought-provoking scenes, we explore the intricate complexities of discrimination, racial profiling, and the struggles for justice within a system that perpetuates violence. By actively involving the audience, we aim to create a space for dialogue and exploration, encouraging critical thinking and inspiring collective action to dismantle those oppressive systems.

The pop-up program takes place in Vienna on the following dates:

  • Thursday, 28th of September at Platz der Kulturen (1100) at 19:00 / a street performance on racial profiling
  • Friday, 29th of September at Schönbornpark (1080) at 19:00 / a street performance on climate activist repression.

We hope to see you there!