Hot end of June.

 Abandoned garage in Ottakring. 

Plants, herbs, colors and messages all around us, despite gray, asphalt walls. Co-creating the space from morning until late afternoon. 

Different generations, different social classes, eager to pass knowledge, collected with the past experiences and theories. 

Debating a lot, having small panels. 

New language. 

Improvising with theater. 

Feeling deep connections. 

Meeting some experiences for the first time, like learning how to support an amazing human being in a wheelchair. 

Trying out theater of the oppressed on new levels. 

Meeting the oppression. 

Sleeping and eating together. 

Riding a second hand bike from the ground floor queer bike repair. 


Tons of glitters. 

Us, all shining. 

Riding to the center to Vienna Pride. 

Screaming a-anti-anti-capitalista! while riding. 

Thousands of us all shining. 

Summer breeze. Sweat. Friendship. Admiration. 

Summer after the first season of Covid lockdowns. 

Community, still in my heart. 

New fire in my heart. 

Still strong.

Legendary Method Lab Vienna 2021. 

Tjaša Kosar