By Roti

I take you on a leash

You say

I am angry and greedy

It’s interesting how you are

changing the game

You see

Can you actually see?

You are changing the game

Who gave you this power

Where comes this privilege 

I want to change the game

For my people 

For our freedom

For love

You say I can´t

You say 

I am mixing up my private stuff 

Oh wow

Do you see where this heads

Can you see this?

Can you actually

You who objectified me

You who misgendered me

with words

with looks

You who tried to appropriate me

my story 

my pain

my name 

My name is Franzis 

How hard is respecting

How hard is opening up


You continue oppression

You continue white supremacy

You continue pain


I said stop



You keep moving forward

Not knowing 

Not seeing

You hurt me

You continue hurting yourself

You´re taking yourself on a leash

Can you actually feel it?

You don’t want freedom

With freedom comes responsibility 

For the house you built

For renovating the materials 

that you could only use

Because you took it from the ones

that you are now trying to own

I am not an inhabitant of your house

You are not telling me where my room is

You are not telling me what I must do

I am building my own house

That I will never own

Knowing that this house is ours

Built by a community of love

And by love 

I mean dignity 

And by love 

I mean trust 

And by love 

I mean variety

And by love 

I mean unease

I invite you to come

But please no leashes allowed

Here we are free

And we are proud

Embracing becoming 

Embracing the leashes that were put on us

Only good for a queer kinky party

Dismantling it

This poem was created out of the Queering Resilient Revolt Method Lab in Rosenheim.